Hey Steve,

I just wanted to drop you a line to say a big thank you for all your support over the last 3+ years.  I was SO happy with my Sunseeker 100, from when I bought it in January 2013 until selling it back to you last month.

I know that you deal with much more expensive motorhomes than the one I bought, but you always treated me as a valued customer.  When I had problems (like when I couldn't work out which key for the tank or what code to use for the radio), or needed information on the van or when I started thinking about having to sell, you always answered me promptly and helpfully.

When I first bought the motorhome and asked you about how much you would give me if I ever sold it back to you, you explained clearly about the drop for your own expenses and profit, plus the amount the van would devalue each year.  As a result of you setting realistic expectations at the time, I ended up pleased with the amount for which I was eventually able to sell it back to you, and feel like you have treated me really fairly throughout.

I definitely want to return to the world of motorhoming one day and wouldn't hesitate to come back to West Country Motorhomes.  I'm afraid I can't find where I wrote down your boss' name, but I would be grateful if you could forward this on to him, to let him know how well I feel you have treated me and what a credit you are to the company.


Kindest regards, 

Mrs Bradfield