Stop increases in road tax for motorhomes!

From 1st September 2019 new emission regulations mean that motorhome road taxes are increasing for 2020 models with the new Euro 6 D engine.

As a motorhome is based on a commercial vehicle chassis but has a unique classification (M1), this means that currently a new motorhome would be registered as PLG (Private light Goods) or Private HGV, but under the new rules will be taxed as a car due to CO2 emissions being required on the paperwork.

The vehicle excise duty for a new motorhome will increase from £265 (PLG rate) to £2,135 – a 705% increase – plus there will be significant higher ongoing yearly tax costs (for a further five years)  

Tax Hike Autosleeper

The UK Motorhome industry is asking for an urgent amendment to the finance bill to reclassify motorhomes as commercial vehicles for excise duty.

The purpose of this petition is to protect this industry and local tourism.

You can help to lobby the government against this excessive rise by signing below.