Had new Autotrail Apache 700 for 3 months now. When we ordered it from West Country Motorhomes I said I wanted a factory fitted tow bar. I was advised by Andy Davis of West Country to have a PWS tow bar fitted by them as it also has the big protection bar that spans the width of the vehicle. What a good piece of advice that was as last month we were on our way to the New Forest when the wife, following me in her new VW Up (TOAD to be soon), when she momentarily took her eyes off the road to look at her list of directions just when I was stopping at some traffic lights. There was this almighty bang that pushed 3.5 tons of Apache 700 forwards. Fearing the worst I jumped out and ran to see if she was alright. She was just sitting there, fortunately uninjured physically but upset and with a lot of wounded pride, buried across the back of our tow bar which was now a very modified shape. After giving her a reassuring hug we parted the two vehicles.

We continued with our holiday and decided to call in to PWS tow bars on our way home as they are based in Poole. I pulled in to a parking bay outside PWS and before I switched off the engine a fitter had come out and was looking at the tow bar. As i got out he said "don't worry we can soon fix that". 30 minutes later with a new outer tow bar and a substantial reduction in the wife's available housekeeping budget we returned home.

So two big " thank yous" one to Andy Davies from West Country Motor Homes for sound advice that saved us from a costly rear panel repair on our Apache 700 and one to PWS for great service and providing a very substantial product. 

Mr Allen